New York Wine Bars – Via della Pace & Bar Jamon

New York wine bars may be a dime a dozen but everyone has their own personal favorites. I went to visit a few of mine this weekend and shared the experience with friends.

I had visitors in town and led them on a long tour of New York. We went on the Circle Line – the long tour, watched fire works, walked on the rivers, walked across the Brooklyn bridge and on the promenade as well as all around the city. Of course, I also ate and drank a lot, in other words, a holiday.

Among my travels were visits to a couple of wine bars/restaurants that I want to mention. One in the East Village is called Via della Pace. I am not sure if it is related to the beautiful bar of the same name in Rome on Via della Pace but I imagine it is. I had a lovely Dolcetto.

Another bar I really love is Bar Jamon. A friend is a long time member of the staff at the bar so perhaps it is just nice to be in a place where you know someone but I think the exquisite Pata Negra also has something to do with it. I drank too much Rose’ made from the Tempranillo grape. The wine was called Quinta Clarisa and is made by Belondrade y Lurton. The entire experience was appealing and shall be repeated shortly.

If like me you are sometimes stranded in New York on a staycation, take advantage of these two spots that can bring you close to the Mediterranean without taxing your wallet too much. I bet you won’t be disappointed.

If, instead you want to bring some Spanish wine home, I discovered that PJ Wine in Inwood has a huge and inexpensive selection.


One comment

  1. Bar Jamon is definitely on my Top 10 List. Their razor clams are fantastic! And as for PJ, they are the Spanish wine central of NYC.


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