Chile Day 10 – Geysers, San Pedro di Atacama, Licancabur


San Pedro, the tourist mecca in Northern Chile, is a crossroads for all kinds of people going in different directions in South America. According to local custom, the extinct volcano Licancabur which hovers in the distance is somewhat of a diety. Mountains are considered to be female in their mythology while volcanos are, of course, male.


We got up at 4 a.m. to drive to a field of geysers. It was freezing but watching the sun rise mitigated our climate woes. Chilean security in some of these places is pretty lax. Tourists can get really close to the exploding geysers and a few years ago, people were seriously harmed.


I like these shots. I think they are evocative and remind me of a black and white movie.


The colors of the rocks and the shrubs against the crystal blue sky were breathtaking. I think I took 200 pictures that day. Not quite Ansel Adams, I did my best. I also learned on this trip to always bring a number of memory cards. Modern living.


We were not the only inhabitants of the desert that day. In addition to some small birds, we saw a group of Vicunas grazing. I had seen the other indigenous species, the Guanacos, in Torres del Paine. Guanacos are slightly larger it seems to me. I saw a group of them running and felt like I was in the movie Out of Africa but without Robert Redford and that sexy hair washing scene.


I love this last picture with the reflection of the scene in the lake. Everyday was so long in Chile that it felt as if there were two days in each one.


At the end of this lovely day, I went hiking in a cactus filled canyon. There was a running waterfall where we could soak our feet and hang out. I could have fallen asleep in the canyon but somehow made it back to my hostel. Onward to the wine country and Valparaiso….

One comment

  1. These photographs are amazing… It’s as if you were at the end of the earth…

    I’ll be in the Vias sphere of influence at Vinitaly but hope to see you there…

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