La Notte di Toni D’Angelo & A Glass of White Wine From Campania

I am having a wonderful time going to the N.I.C.E. film festival at the Tribeca Cinema. Yesterday’s films included one by Toni d’Angelo, a young director from Campania. The film is a love letter to Naples in a sense. It is truly worth seeing and made me want to go right out and have a nice white wine from Campania. I might like something from the Campi Flegrei. I remember how surprised I was to find an entire page of wines from that area on the list at Paul Grieco and Marco Canora’s wine bar Terroir.


They also had an Asprinio, an indigenous variety from Campania on the list which was a surprise. Falanghina, Greco and Fiano are all getting a lot of press and placement on wine lists in New York but I would like to see a number of other grape varieties from Campania. I am looking forward to the new wines that Domenico Selections will be bringing in from that area. One of the owners, Terry Hughes of Mondosapore , is very plugged in to the Campania wine scene and I expect to see some interesting stuff in their portfolio. Naples is such a beautiful city although these last years it has been in the news primarily for its garbage problems, the Camorra, and other violence. Gomorra, another film in the festival, is also about Naples but this time about the Camorra. I saw it in Milan last year. The film is subtitled even in Italian and is very well done but truly hard to watch. It leaves you feeling indignant that people have to live in those conditions. La Notte’s director, D’angelo said that he sees Naples as being similar to New York. I can see what he means. Neapolitans of all ages have come into my life over the years and left a deep meaningful trail. Nonna Bianca was one of these people.


The grandmother of a person in my life she was full of joy and Neapolitan song. I will never forget her and the way she used to get all dolled up to go out to the circolo degli ufficiali at 86 years of age. She was one of the most joyous people I have had the good fortune to encounter. Whenever I see anything that has to do with Naples, I always think of her and smile.

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