Old World Wines: Enantio from Terra dei Forti DOC, Trentino, Italy

Sometimes I come upon a grape I have never heard of and am really surprised to learn its history. This time around it was a wine made from Enantio that surprised me. This wine was from Cantina Valdadige . Apparently Enantio is also sometimes called Lambrusco a foglia frastagliata but is not genetically related to... Continue Reading →


Italian Indigenous Varieties: Moscato di Scanzo DOCG from Lombardy

I know that I am not going in order with this post but I thought I would use the occasion of a NYC-based event today on Bergamo to mention this wine. I first heard of it years ago on a trip to Vinitaly. I always start my Vinitaly days in the Lombardy pavilion and one... Continue Reading →

Italian Indigenous Varieties: Bonda

Italy, as we all know, has more indigenous varieties than almost any other nation. This is true throughout that beautiful country from North to South. This week's indigenous variety is one called Bonda. It sort of sounds like an attractive and sexy brunette but is instead a grape that grows in the Valle d'Aosta. This... Continue Reading →

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