Italian Indigenous Grapes: That Start with an “A”

I have decided to post the articles I have been writing over the last 13 years on Italian indigenous grape varieties. I got up to the letter “N.” I have 12 more letters to finish which I hope to do in 2023 which is the wait for it, 15 year anniversary of my blog. This past year I have been lack about writing and next year is the definitive year, either I get back to it or i put it to bed as so many have done before me. I will be posting a round up of all my Italian indigenous posts over the next 14 days and then will write about Italian sparklers until the end of 2022. I hope this dive into all I have written is fun for me and interesting for readers. Many of these articles were first posted on a website which was called Altacucina. Sadly they took the site down so the longer posts are harder to find. Anyway, these give a flavor of the amazing variety that Italy has to offer. I may also put all my instagram live feeds as a link as well, if I can find a spare bit of time in the day.

Happy grape travels:

Abbuto, Abrusco, Abrustine: Read about these grapes here;

Albana: Read about this variety from Emilia Romagna here;

Albanello, Albaranzeuli Bianco, Albaranzeuli Nero: Read about these lesser known varieties here;

Albarola: Read about this grape from Liguria here;

Albarossa: Read about this Piedmontese grape here;

Aleatico: Check out this article on this aromatic red which grows in Tuscany, Lazio, and Puglia here;

Alionza and Ancellotta: Read about these two varieties from Emilia Romagna here;

Aglianico: Here is one of many posts about this glorious grape variety;

Aglianicone, Read thoughts on this variety here;

Arneis: Here’s a post about this Piedmontese grape, click here;

Arvesiniadu bianco from Sardinia, Avanà and Averango from Piedmont, read more here;

Asprinio: Here’s a post on a grape from Campania, click;


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