Wines of Brazil Wine Preview for Saturday, September 14th #WINEPW

Olá and welcome to the preview post for our Wines of Brazil #WinePW event which is coming up this Saturday September 14th at 11am ET/8am PT. You may not have had the chance to try a wine from Brazil yet but you should keep these wines on your radar. Brazil makes sparkling, still and sweet, white,... Continue Reading →

What drives traffic to your blog? Brazil and Italian Kosher Wines at Avvinare

What drives traffic to one's blog is always a topic of debate. Clearly commenting on what others are writing and staying within the news cycle is important. What I have noticed recently is that blog traffic can also be dictated towards what people are drinking and thinking about. This year sparkling wine is getting lots... Continue Reading →

Brazil: Upcoming Events

I am excited to watch the Olympics this year, as always. I know there has been a lot of negative press surrounding the games, deservedly so in my opinion, but that said, the competing athletes work so hard to get to the games that I feel they should be supported no matter what. In that... Continue Reading →

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