Wines of Brazil Wine Preview for Saturday, September 14th #WINEPW


Olá and welcome to the preview post for our Wines of Brazil #WinePW event which is coming up this Saturday September 14th at 11am ET/8am PT.

You may not have had the chance to try a wine from Brazil yet but you should keep these wines on your radar. Brazil makes sparkling, still and sweet, white, rosé and red wines. Rather than having a signature defining grape variety like some of their South American neighbors, Brazil is getting to be widely known for their sparkling wines made in all different styles including the Charmat method, the Martinotti method, and the Traditional method. Additionally, they make sparkling wines from a variety of grapes including Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Riesling Italico, and Moscato, among others.

Brazil also produces a wide number of varietally labeled wines and blended wines from white and red grapes. Some of their most luscious red wines come from Merlot, Tannat and Marselan.

Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 1.17.08 AM

As was mentioned in the invitation post, Brazil is the world’s fifth largest country and has 27 states. Within these states, Brazil has six main wine regions: Serra Gaúcha, Serra do Sudeste, Campanha, Campos de Cima da Serra, Planalto Catarinense and the Vale do São Francisco to the far North. There are also a number of emerging wine regions in Brazil that should be watched, among them: Gaúcho North, South of Minas, São Paulo Countryside, Goiás and Paraná.

Presently the largest and most well-known wine region is  Serra Gaûcha in the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul. The above photo was taken in Bento Gonçalves, in Rio Grande do Sul, which is really the center of the country’s wine industry. To go into the town, you have to drive into a wine barrel. You get the idea.


Starting in 2002, Brazil began to embrace denominations of origin (denominação de Origem). Today, Brazil has one Appellation of Origin, AO Vale dos Vinhedos and four Geographical Indications (Indicação de Procedēncia) which someday may be made into AOs – GI Pinto Bandeira, GI Monte Belo, GI Farroupilha, and GI Altos Montes. All of these denominations are found within Serra Gaúcha.

Brazil has about 150 wineries of a large dimension and more than 1,100 small farms, approximately two hectares per family. “The area of vineyards covered with table and vitis vinifera varieties in the country amounts to approximately 89,000 hectares located from north to south,” according to the Wines of Brasil website.

Please join me, Wines of Brasil and my fellow bloggers and #winelovers while we share our wine pairing suggestions for Brazilian wines. It is easy to join along, even if you don’t have a blog. Just tune in and follow #winePW. In the meantime, check out my friends suggestions for meals to pair with Brazilian wines.

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Wendy of A Day in the Life on the Farm will be adding “Enjoying Indian Summer with Alma Sparkling Brut from Brazil”

Cynthia and Pierre of Traveling Wine Profs will be sharing “Friends, Seafood, Bubbly and Chardonnay:Our Brazilian Wine Pairing Dinner”

Debbie of The Hudson Valley Wine Goddess writes “Celebrating Garden Harvest with Brazilian Wine”

Sarah of The Curious Cuisiniere showcases “Pastel de Queijo and Brazilian Sparkling Wine Pairing”

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while here at Avvinare , I’ll post about “Miolo Merlot Paired with Brazilian Skirt Steak with Golden Garlic Butter.”

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