Wine Wednesday: Maison Noir Wine

This Wine Wednesday I am sipping on a wine from Maison Noir Wines which I purchased earlier this year. The wine in question is called “Horsehoes and Handgrenades” and is an American red wine blend of fruit from Southern Oregon and Washington State, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot respectively. I am drinking it in a big Brunello glass which is allowing the gorgeous fruit and spice to show through. Plush and luxurious on the palate, this nicely priced (around $20) sipper was a great addition to my BBQ dinner. A second sip brings forth bramble and forest floor notes as well as some leather and balsamic undertones. With a long finish, this wine was a very welcome surprise on an odd mid-September day when the summer still seemed here and fall weeks away although the seasons are about to officially change.

I have long wanted to try one of the wines that Andre Hueston Mack had created. The man seems to be an industry unto himself. So many great projects and photos grace his site, I am not going to try to condense it here. Today, I am just happy to have one of his wines at my table.

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