We Can Do Something About This & We Must

I know it’s National Wine Day and this is a wine blog but I cannot act like its business as usual. 19 Fourth graders, a class of students and two teachers were murdered by someone who can’t legally buy alcohol in most states. How is it possible and why are we living with these rules. We are being held hostage by 10 men in the Senate + a few women who are holding onto their posts for dear life not because they believe in what they are doing but for POWER and WEALTH. Children are paying the price for this every single day. Let’s stop acting like nothing can be done. That is not true. Let’s say we can do something. All of us together can protect what we hold most dear, our children. Whether or not you are a parent isn’t the point. Any child, yours mine or someone in Texas deserves to go to school unafraid and to have the opportunity to not only grow old but to grow up to get to Fifth grade, Middle School, High School, etc. We have to refuse to accept that we have to live this way forever despite the current situation, we can change this. We must change this status quo.

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