Canned Bubbles and Hot Dogs – A Taste of Summer

This month’s blogging #WinePW group wrote about picnics and canned wine. While I was not an early adopter of drinking canned wine, an article I read by someone I respect convinced me that bubbles in a can were the way to go and I decided to dive in to the topic.

I drove to a nearby Total Wine shop and discovered that canned wine is not quite so easy to spot on the shelves since it is places in the beer, spritzer, wine cooler, and everything else area. After asking four salespeople, I found a small number of canned and bought them all.

This one called Dark Horse from California was the most interesting of the ones I tried. The website is not that informative in terms of grapes, processes, etc but the wine was a great pairing with the Belmont Stakes which I watched. The joy on the faces of the owners of Mo Donegal who won the race was a thing to celebrate. New York race, New York owners, New York winner.

Since yesterday was National Rosé Day, I also tried a canned rosé, this one from the McBride Sisters who I wrote about here. This one I paired with a hot dog at lunch. My favorite summer food. I love hot dogs, everyone in my family loves hot dogs. We joke about how its in our DNA because my grandfather’s family sold hot dogs on the beach in Staten Island in the 1910-1920s in the summer. At least that’s family lore. In the Winter they had a restaurant on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and in the summer, moved to South Beach on Staten Island.

Whatever the reasons behind it, I love hot dogs and canned wine, especially bubbles is a perfect match for this summer classic.

Formerly I refused to drink wine in cans until two very smart and knowledgeable wine people convinced me of the error of my ways. One is a retail owner of note who reminded me how portable this wines are, great for hiking, boating, camping, and for the environment. I listened and now have another four kinds for my next picnic.

Check out the articles written below for tips on wines and picnic foods:


  1. I can’t believe your Total Wine had them lumped in with everything else canned! At mine, they are usually on an endcap in the wine section and they have a selection of 10 or more.

    I do think that portability and the recyclable nature of the packaging make them appealing. Also, more and more small producers finding a way to package some of their wine in cans. The more that do, the more accessible this means of packaging becomes and we will find a wider selection of higher quality wines coming out in cans. It is happening already.

    I am a sucker for a hotdog. Mustard and relish on mine!

  2. As a native New Yorker, I love all the New York references in this post. I also watched the Belmont Stakes and had fun watching the family celebrate their win. Hotdogs aren’t my jam, but I admire your enthusiasm for a good dog.

  3. And just like that you opened my world! Canned wine and hot dogs is going to be my next gathering. How fun!

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