Italian Indigenous Varieties: Malvasia di Lipari


This week’s indigenous variety is Malvasia di Lipari. Like all of the other Malvasia varieties, this one is also part of the Malvasia family. Lipari is a beautiful island in the Aeolian Islands. Malvasia di Lipari is usually made into a sweet wine. The grapes are harvested late and usually dried for a brief period on mats before being made into a sweet wine. The wine is golden, fascinating, and exquisite.


Florio, part of the Banfi portfolio makes this particular Malvasia di Lipari and is widely available in the US.


I spent an amazing week sailing around the Aeolian Islands years ago. It was an incredible experience although we were hit with the Mistral that ripped apart 100 boats on Panarea that night and we had to let go of our ties to the dock to not crash into it while staying on Lipari. I remember we had to motor all night to avoid getting crushed as well. Around 5 am we docked at Vulcano and spent time in the water soaking and recovering from our crazy experience. These volcanic islands are fascinating for their beauty, beaches, wines, and food. I loved it and will always remember it. I can’t wait to go back some day.

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