Monday Musing: Sparkling Wines Place At The Table

Sparkling Wine Bubbles

During the holidays everything comes up bubbles. Newspapers and websites are awash with the great bubbles from around the world to ring in the New Year but I wonder why we aren’t drinking bubbles throughout the year and throughout the meal.

I recently attended a webinar where we talked about difference styles of bubbles from Charmat through Pet Nat to the traditional method. We spoke about how all those different styles of bubbles work whether using hybrids or Vinifera but what I am looking for is innovative pairings with bubbles throughout the meal. I think of bubbles as being a wonderful complement to the whole meal thanks to its wonderful acidity, texture and lift. Within bubbles there are many levels of sweetness. Certainly the driest work best as an aperitif or with a first course and as the food becomes sweeter so does the wine. During a webinar I hosted on Prosecco, we spoke about how Extra Dry works well both to cook with and with many even spicy foods.

Over the course of the next few days, I’m going to be focusing on bubbles from around the world. I love sparkling wine and drink it as often as I can.

Cin Cin

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