Italian Indigenous Varieties: Durella from the Veneto

This is a grape variety I will be speaking about tomorrow am on Instagram at @vignetocomms. I was speaking about it the last time I was on live but then did a Women in Wine Chat with my friend Tina Williford who owns a distillery in North Carolina.


This week’s Italian indigenous variety hails from the Veneto and is called Durella. The grape variety ends in an “a” while the wine in an “o.” I was introduced to this grape variety by Antonio Fattori. He makes a wine which I adore called I Singhe Lessini Durello D.O.C. from 100% Durella. It is a sparkling wine and Durella is perfect for these types of wines. This wine is made in stainless steel without the use of any sulfur dioxide which I find interesting. Every year during Vinitaly, Antonio hosts a party for his importers and Italian agents. I used to work with these wines so I have been able to go to the parties for the past three years at Vinitaly. I always end up spending most of my evening drinking this sparkler which I find appealing throughout a meal. Durella makes wines with a refined bouquet…

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