Maradona & Me: Memories Of A Trip To Argentina

Years ago, 13 to be exact, I took a trip to Argentina to experience both its tango scene and its wines. I spent time in Buenos Aires and in Mendoza. The news of Maradona’s passing this week at the early age of 60 made me sad and I remembered so well when I saw a man dressed as a Maradona lookalike in the La Boca neighborhood where he had played.

I literally thought it was Maradona and was jumping out of my skin until I texted someone a picture and they said I was ridiculous of course it was someone playing to tourists like me. I first heard of Maradona when I lived in Italy where he was extremely famous and had played for Napoli, one of the national teams for years. While not an avid soccer fan, I certainly get caught up in the World Cup and other important games.

Recently Vinexpo held a seminar on small producers from Argentina but I missed the online event. In fact, it’s been way too long since I’ve had a wine from Argentina or danced Tango. The pandemic doesn’t bode well for dancing with strangers but one can certainly drink the great wines from there.

I loved Argentina when I visited and wrote some long posts both about my tango experiences and my impressions of the country. It’s fun to revisit them but I do need to refresh my palate. I’m going to make a point of that this month.

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