Wine Wednesday: Venissa made from the Dorona Grape

I spoke about Dorona and Venissa today on my IG Live series on Italian Indigenous Grapes and decided to repost this article from last November. The winery seems to have recovered just fine. I wonder what it has been like to be in Venice with the pandemic. I can imagine staying there in isolation for a long time. An enchanting location that really stole my heart.

This week’s Wine Wednesday is dedicated to Venissa, Venice’s vineyard which I visited this summer and which has had dramatic flooding these past weeks with the high water levels in the lagoon of Venice. I spent about 10 days in Venice this summer. Part of it on the Dorsoduro and part in Murano. I have been to Venice many times in my life but had never stayed as long as this summer. It was a wonderful and magical experience that gave me a different feeling about the city. I also showed it to my son for the first time. He asks to go back all the time. I highly recommend it as a destination with a young child. I pulled the below photo from their instagram feed.

Getting back to Wine Wednesday, I first heard about Venissa from Roberto Cipresso, a well-known winemaker and a friend, who worked on the…

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