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This month, our #WinePW blogging group is exploring “Under the Radar US Wine Regions” in time both for Thanksgiving and to celebrate American democracy. We’ve all voted, and we can come together to agree at least on one thing, America is making loads of great wine across all 50 States and that’s pretty amazing.

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We have international grapes, hybrid grapes, distinctly local types of wines being made from California to the Blue Ridge Mountains. This land is made for you and me, wine lovers alike. The top four producing states in the US continue to be California, Oregon, Washington and New York but other states such as Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Virginia, North Carolina and New Jersey and many others are holding their own. Some states such as Michigan are getting real renown for one category of wines – sparkling wines in their case while still other states are trying out a host of varietals and seeing what may become their signature grape variety.

So much wine, so little time. I am always excited to meet new wine makers, try new varietals and reconsider previous ideas. This year I fell in love with Petite Sirah from California, a grape I had ignored the first 10 times I saw it on a wine list, now I am a huge convert. Some years back I tasted loads of Vidal Blanc in New York and it knocked my socks off in the sweet version of the grape. I also was introduced to Maryland wineries and those of North Carolina, learned of all the Italian grapes that are grown in the United States and all of the Spanish ones too. There is such a wealth of information and so many grapes and wines to try and so many interesting people to talk to about what they are producing.

We are in a lucky moment for wine lovers of all stripes. There’s never been a better time to look at American wines and I think particularly those that are under the radar.

I, for one, am excited by all this buzz surrounding the US wine industry and look forward to seeing what all my fellow bloggers find. Join the #WinePW gang as we explore Under the Radar US Wine Regions, just in time for Thanksgiving. We will be meeting on Twitter, November 14th at 11:00am EDT using the #WinePW hashtag.

My fellow #WinePW bloggers will be dishing on the following topics, please join in the conversation. Our posts will all be live by Saturday at 8:00am EDT:

  • Nicole from SommsTable writes “Cooking to the Wine: Acquiesce Grenache Rosé with a Glazed Stuffed Pork Loin Roast”
  • Camilla from Culinary Adventures with Camilla shares “Mahalo Plenty! Hawaiian Sips and Nibbles”
  • Wendy from A Day in the Life on the Farm adds “Let’s Celebrate Thanksgiving by Eating and Drinking Locally”
  • Jeff from Food Wine Click! brings “Idiot’s Grace: Explorers in the Columbia Gorge AVA”
  • David from Cooking Chat posts “Cranberry Jalapeño Dip with New England Wine” 
  • Linda from My Full Wine Glass suggests “Raising a glass of PA Cab Franc – paired with a Philly cheesesteak”
  • Gwendolyn from Wine Predator showcases “Local Love: 6 Ventura County Wines from Local Vines paired with Watkins Beef, Ventura Fresh Fish #WinePW”
  • Susannah from posts about “Wines from New Mexico Paired with New Mexican Style Beef Chile”

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