What will you be drinking after the election? Bubbly or Scotch for me

I just found this post from 2008, I wrote this right before the election of Barak Obama. I had just started my blog that year, was sort of newly back from Italy, wasn’t a Mom yet and hadn’t lived through four years of Donald Trump. This year, I am going immediately for a Scotch. As much as I love bubbly, I will have that when I know that the results are definitive. Scotch I will be drinking on November 3. What about you?

Should there be a victory that makes me extremely happy tomorrow, I will be drinking Giulio Ferrari, Riserva del Fondatore from Ferrari, the well known Italian sparkling wine producer from Trento. It is a blanc de blanc made from only chardonnay grapes from a single vineyard called Maso Pianizza.The wine rests on its lees for 10 years before it is released. It is extraordinary and would be a great way to begin a new phase of the country’s life and my own….Some years ago I interviewed Camilla Lunelli from the family that runs Ferrari. I need to search for my notes. However, since I am extremely superstitious and scaramantica, I have not yet bought it. Alternatively, I may have to buy a large bottle of 12 year old Bowmore peaty scotch to drown my sorrows if there is a victory that makes me very sad.

If that happens, I will…

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