New Website, Covid Projects

During the course of the last six months, lots of changes have taken place in my life along with everyone else’s. I left the city and moved to the suburbs for this time, sent my child to remote camp and now remote school, started two instagram live series, one on Italian indigenous grapes and one on Women in Wine on my Instagram @vignetocomms and created a new website for the education/brand ambassador/writer part of my life, I’ve started some writing projects as well and am pursuing two long term projects: writing a book and learning Portuguese. A few wine friends have achieved their goals in these departments and have been an inspiration, Diane Letulle and Mike DeSimone.

All of this has been possible because I am very sequestered having ventured out into the world not so often. It’s been intense, isn’t over and I have a lot more to do on all fronts but it is interesting all one can do when you really have sustained periods of time in the same place. I miss traveling like mad, especially to Italy, don’t get me wrong but I am looking at the upside of this time. I am also trying to Marie Kondo the home where I grew up with varying degrees of success but in the process have rediscover all my childhood toys, loads of momentos, letters and photos. It’s like a bath in the past all at once, past at every stage including boxes from Italy that had remained in the attic for some years now.

I listened to a poet and an author talk about how life is like text the other day. Her metaphor was that life is like a book that you are constantly revising and working on a new draft without knowing exactly where the book will end up. I can say with certainty I would never have imagined doing all I have been doing these past 7 months. Let’s see where we go from here.


    • Hi Lauren,
      Thanks for reading. I had been thinking for years of a third site and have owned the domain for 7 so it seemed like the right time to tie everything together. Let’s see what else we can invent :).

    • That’s so nice of you to stop by Lynn. I had a plan to speak 7 before I turned 30. I got stuck at 3 at 30, 4 at 40 and now….am up to 5. I would like to speak Russian, Chinese and German too. Then I’d feel satisfied but probably not in the cards…who knows.

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