Moldova Wine and Food Preview #WinePW


Celebrate Wines of Moldova with the Wine Pairing Weekend Group
On a press trip to Moldova last summer, I could only think how much our Wine Pairing Weekend blogging group would enjoy visiting Moldova for the food, wine and the culture! After returning to the US, I contacted our friends at Wine of Moldova about a potential collaboration with our group here in the US.

Our group will be visiting Moldova virtually, via Moldovan wines. Join us as we try out food pairings with wines from this small Eastern European country. Wine of Moldova has generously provided sample wines to many of our bloggers

Castel Mimi Rosu de Bulboaca is a blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon

Look for these Posts on Friday and Saturday
Join our group this weekend for an introduction to wines from Moldova! Our posts will go live starting on Friday July 10 and all will…

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