Monday Musings: Future Wine Events

edvard-munch-the-scream-art-print-posterI have not written a Monday Musings post in a bit because I am filled with so many ideas about what may or may not happen that its hard to put them down.While we don’t know what the world will look like really, one thing we do know is that things will not be the same in the wine industry going forward.

Chatting with colleagues in the industry, I realize that we are all just figuring it out day to day. One topic that is heavily on my mind is will people ever go back to attending large format tastings in a venue with spittoons and will anyone want to be near other people spitting before we have a vaccine or vaccines and good drugs to prevent the terrible outcomes from Covid-19. I don’t have the answers I am just ruminating on how to address this topic. I think people won’t go back to something like that for a long time and that formats will have to evolve.

There may be consumer tasting where people drink wine but will there be professional masterclasses in droves as in the past. Yes people can have their own individual spittoon and yes they can socially distance while tasting but it is unlikely that we will see the likes of big tastings for the trade in the near future or before 2021 at least. Maybe people will now also bring their own glasses as I did when I took my Italian Sommelier Certificate classes in Italy at the beginning of my wine study life.

I will continue thinking and writing about what I see and am interested in others views as well.




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