Cremant de Bordeaux, An Unexpected Pleasure – #Winophiles

Today I am writing about Crémant de Bordeaux even if I am not drinking it. My title is the unexpected pleasure that one finds in a Crémant de Bordeaux. I mean that in two ways, one that it’s not the first wine you think of when you think of Bordeaux and two, thinking about bubbles and celebrating life is so much more heightened in this time of quarantines.


Crémant as our host Pinny Tam  notes in her preview post  “is the name of all sparkling wines produced in the Bordeaux region using the methode traditionelle – the same method that is used to produce Champagne, meaning secondary fermentation in the bottle.. For decades, Crémant wines have been produced from French wine regions that are known for producing great wines like Bordeaux, Loire, Alsace, Bourgogne, Jura, Savoie, Die and Limoux.”

The wines must have nine months of ageing sur lie.


According to my French Wine Scholar manual, sparkling wine has been made in Bordeaux for over 100 years but only got it’s AOC denomination in 1990. These wines can be white or rosé and can range in styles from Extra Brut to Doux.


White crémant can be made from Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, Muscadelle, Ugni Blanc and Colombard plus any of the Bordeaux region’s red grapes when vinified as a blanc de noirs.

Rosé crémant  can be made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Petit Verdot and Carmènere.


According to the official Crémant de Bordeaux website,  there are more than five hundred different vineyards, making it one of the largest in France in terms of geographical area, yet production of sparkling wines has historically been low.

Join us the #Winophiles bloggers on Saturday, March 21st to experience the sparkling world of Bordeaux. You could write a blog post and find out our coordination on this Facebook post. We’ll have the blog posts online by March 21st prior to the Twitter chats. Or join us at the Twitter chats on March 21st at 11:00am EST/10:00am CST/8:00am PST through searching the hashtag #Winophiles on Twitter

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