Women In Wine Fridays: A Chat With Winemaker Linda King

I’m reblogging this Women in Wine post from last November because I just spoke with Linda this week for an article I am writing. I love how big and small the wine world can be and it’s great to have a resource who lives in another part of the country to give me a sensation about what is going on in their neck of the woods.


Today’s Women in Wine chat is with Linda King, a winemaker I met earlier this month at the American Wine Society conference in Buffalo. Linda generously agreed to respond to my emailed questions about her experiences in the United States.

How did you get into the wine business?

I had been a very serious amateur winemaker with numerous awards under my belt, so to speak. A winemaker that I knew well at a winery in Pennsylvania was leaving to take a position elsewhere and they offered me the job. I had a little experience with them beforehand because I was making some experimental sparkling wine for them.

What has been the hardest part of the wine business for you in terms of gender issues, if any?

In truth, I have never experienced any issue with gender as far as interacting with the male winemaking population. I have always felt completely…

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Corsica – Ile de Beauté

The great blogging group #winophiles which focuses on France is doing wines from Corsica this week. I'm impressed they were able to get samples, I've had a hard time finding wines of Corsica. They will be having a chat on Twitter using the hashtag #winophiles at 1100am today. I'm going to join in to see... Continue Reading →

9/11 We Remember

Some 18 years have passed since that terrible day in September 2001. So much has changed yet today will always be a day of reflection and one of remembrance for lives lost and those forever changed. It is now a National day of Service as well thanks to the efforts of many courageous people. Personally,... Continue Reading →

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