Buona Pasqua, Happy Easter

Lake Garda

Today was Easter, a holiday I love actually. In the past on this day I have gone to hear gospel music in churches throughout Manhattan or a particular Pastor speak and often I have been visiting with friends in Italy sharing a particularly spectacular meal. Today I was in Pennsylvania with different generations of my family watching my son partake in an Easter egg hunt. It was wonderful and just where I wanted to be. Yet I did bring a bit of Italy with me, as I always do.


This holiday season has been filled with food and drink including a wonderful Chiaretto from Bulgarini. Made from a blend of Italian indigenous varieties including Groppello 35%, Sangiovese 20%, Marzemino 25%, and Barbera 20%. I visited the Bulgarini estate in 2015 and was impressed by the wines and the winery. I was given this Chiaretto recently when they were in town. I have developed a real affinity for Chiaretto. At the Slow Wine tastings in March I was pouring Lugana right next to the Chiaretto table so I have tasted a lot of it by now. I like the fact that the wine has structure and backbone as well as that beautiful salmon color. The wines pair well with everything but are light enough to add zing to this beautiful Spring day. Grown on the Moranic hills around Lake Garda, it has the minerality, sapidity and acidity that I find in Lugana as well and that I love. Definitely a keeper, Chiaretto should be on everyone’s minds going into the warmer months.


E “gita fuori porta.”

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