Azienda Noventa in Botticino (Lombardy)


I was so happy to see Alessandra’s sister Rossella at the Tre Bicchieri tasting today. Way to go Noventa. Lovely wines and a lovely family.


Today’s wine Wednesday is dedicated to a Rosé I tried last weekend at Vinitaly from Azienda Noventa in Botticino. Botticino is a very small DOC east of Brescia which was started in 1968. There are three areas that make up Botticino: Botticino Mattina – where they used to make wine and quarry marble, Botticino Sera – known for stockings and the area called San Gallo which has more hills and is known for their agriturismi or inns. The name Botticino comes from the word for barrels (botte). I visited the winery last summer with my then two year old son. The owner, Alessandra won my heart by picking him up over her head and carrying him up steep hills to show me the winery. I wrote about her here.

In addition to being a lovely person, Alessandra and her family who are all involved, make great wines. I had…

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