Monday Musings: Wine Labels

Today’s Monday musings post is about wine labels. Usually when I think or write about wine labels, it’s more about the content on the labels or the pictures but never really about the shape and size. This weekend I finally began to consider labelling my own wine. I have made wine four times and have maybe 120 bottles of wine I would like to label. Some are in Bordeaux bottles and others in Burgundy ones. Before putting my own labels on a wine bottle, I had never really thought how much wider labels need to be on a Burgundy bottle and how they are not quite as standardized. I had bought some small labels and they were perfect on the Bordeaux bottle but tended to crease when I put them on the Burgundy ones. It’s amazing how much one can learn by going through the steps of winemaking. I highly recommend it for all wine lovers of any age and expertise. No matter how many bottles of wine I have drunk, photographed or written about, nothing quite makes me appreciate all that goes into a bottle of wine as making my own small lots.

I found a great article on Mother Nature Network about bottle shapes and sizes by Robin Shreeves, a New Jersey-based journalist I have met a few times over the years and who has put together something very interesting on the topic. Click here to read it. In keeping with my New Year’s resolution, I want to highlight other people’s work as well as speaking about my own interests and corner of the wine world each and every post.




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