Saluting Our Veterans

IMG_1605I salute our veterans and their families and thank them for their service. I can only begin to imagine what they go through. All of my Mother’s cousins served in World War II.  One of the most moving places I have ever visited was the cemetery in Normandy, France, where almost 10,000 Americans were buried after D-Day took place and so many brave men lost their lives.

My Father’s uncle Murray was also in World War II. In fact, he was one of the only survivors from Pearl Harbor. My Mother has always told me stories of when she was young, that veterans of World War I would sell poppies and wear them in their lapel. I don’t know if any veterans from World War I are still alive or not. I think not. Since it’s the 100th anniversary, it seems highly unlikely.

I will be drinking American wine today but mostly raising a glass to those who have fought and to those who are still overseas in distant lands.

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