Canary Island Wines

At last week’s annual Wines of Spain tasting, I was lucky enough to taste through many of the wines from the Canary Islands. I missed the seminar which I am sure was wonderful but did get to go through the line-up at the table in the walk-around. Many of the wines were made from Listan both the red and white versions, an indigenous variety. I liked most of them but the ones from Listan Negro were more supple and rich with fuller flavors and great depth. It was an exciting tasting. I have never visited the Canary Islands but the tasting left me wanting to visit immediately.  When I lived in Italy, many of my friends were always hoping over there with great weekend deals, visiting Lanzarote, La Gomera, La Palma, Gran Canaria, and El Hierro.


The islands are largely volcanic and are closer to Morocco than to Spain. The New York Times wrote a very interesting post on these wines here and Forbes had one here.

I didn’t get a lot of information at the tasting but it gave me a real desire to know more. All of the wines I tasted were imported by David Bowler which I found very interesting.

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