Monday Musings: How Can An Average Wine Consumer Combat Climate Change?


I’ve been thinking a lot about climate change. I’m sure I am not alone. It’s sweltering outside, almost 99%, and its been raining everyday since the end of July, more or less. If I lived in an area where this was normal – somewhere where monsoons were common – or even in Florida, I might think less about the problem but I live in New York City. We are not supposed to have a rainy season.

What does this have to do with wine you might ask? Nothing except that is makes me want to drink a lot of it although not the heavy reds. But it does bring to mind that climate change is getting worse and we all need to do our part to combat it.

What does that mean in the wine world? I have a picture of cork above. Some think using corks is wasting resources while others disagree. I tend to come down on the side of using cork because cork is can be disposed withe some thought although synthetic corks less so. Metal can also be recycled but still I’m for cork.

I am curious what others think.  I found this interesting article on the topic.





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