Wine and Shakespeare in the Hudson Valley

I wrote this post 10 years ago the first month that I started my blog. This weekend I will be posting about Italian wine grapes that grow in New York state. I re-read this post and while I am much more familiar with New York wines now, I still prefer vinifera to hybrids. I’m looking for the one that will change my mind. Maybe I will find it at the Society of Wine Educators conference in a few weeks or at the American Wine Society conference in November. We shall see.

I discovered the Hudson Valley and its wines when I first moved back to the States after having lived in Italy for many years. I was excited to have a wine region so close by but at the time I was a wine snob and only wanted to drink Old World Wines. Many wine classes later and having had the opportunity to try much New World Wine, I now have a more muted idea of the old vs. new debate. My first trip in 2006 to the Warwick Valley Winery was to partake in celebration of Bob Dylan’s birthday. The winery has a nice apple orchard in which you can sit, sip wine, have a picnic and listen to music or see a play. The Dylan fest is a yearly occasion as are tributes to Johnny Cash and the Grateful Dead, both slated for later this summer. This past weekend…

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