Monday Musings: What Drives People to Read Wine Blogs in 2018?

Sailing in Italy

Today’s post isn’t about a specific wine or region but rather about what makes people read or not read wine blogs. This topic is never far from my mind because I spend a considerable amount of time writing on my wine blog. This year I have posted every single day except for three days. For a while that was driving traffic but this month, it has slowed to a halt in an incredible way. I’ve been writing stories about a specific region that I visited on a press trip using the same headline at the beginning. Perhaps people think it’s the same post over and over again. I’m not sure.

I know there has been a drop off in people reading blogs in general but I am never sure what they are reading instead. It’s hard to find out from others because like with many topics, people tend not to tell the truth in terms of impressions, followers and the like.

Sometimes I think there is a drop-off because there is an uptick in other stories and articles people are reading. Often I also think maybe it’s because the pictures aren’t as glorious as they might be or the pieces are too long. Whatever the reason, after 10 years of writing this blog, yes this month it’s 10 years, I’m still not sure what works and what doesn’t.

I know another blogger who did a survey about this topic. I’m not sure what his conclusions were but here he is Mike Madaio being interviewed about his views on wine and other related topics on the Italian wine podcast.

I also found this interesting post and it’s from 2010 but I think it is still pretty relevant.

I’m part of a couple of blogging circles that write about specific wines during certain times of the month and that generates interest among ourselves and some others who like the topic but I’m no longer sure what draws other people in.

I have no answer for myself except to say that I continue to write this blog because it gives me pleasure, allows me to virtually travel around the world even if I am sitting at my desk and of course, an outlet for all the writing that I need to do.

As always in these times, I will look into what I can be doing better while trying to stay true to what this blog means to me.


  1. I read this blog for depth of information about a subject I love and a deep respect for its author.

    • Bruce- Thank you for that very kind comment. That’s what makes all this effort worth it – sharing a love for this topic with people who appreciate it. Susannah

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