Wine Wednesday: Malibran Credamora Col Fondo 2015

It's snow day has been a long one in many ways but a special one as well. To celebrate this wine Wednesday I am drinking Malibran Credamora Col Fondo 2015. A beautiful Prosecco made with the glera grape of course. It's delicious with yeasty, toasty aromas, nice small and fast bubbles. It is very dry... Continue Reading →

Italian Indigenous Varieties: Moscato Rosa

This week's indigenous variety is Moscato Rosa. Its name portends the aromas that one smells, heavily floral. It is an ancient grape thought to have arrived in Italy from Greece by way of Dalmatia and Istria. It can be found in the Sud-Tirol and in Piedmont in the provinces of  Alessandria. It's grown in South... Continue Reading →

Tasting Irish Whiskey At Keens

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's day. While I haven't a drop of Irish blood in my veins, I can appreciate the holiday, the people and the Whiskey along with the best of them. I have only been to Ireland once but I have been around the Irish my whole life, as a New Yorker and an... Continue Reading →

Remembering A Friend

Today was a dear friend's birthday. She died ten years ago of cancer at the age of 37. Every time I hear a certain song, eat a particular food or hear a deeply Tuscan accent, I think of her. She was a wonderful, artistic, creative soul who suffered an awful early death from that plague... Continue Reading →

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