Thanksgiving Wines: New World Sparkler, Pinot Noir & Port

We started our Thanksgiving feast with this Brut Rosé bubbly from Graham Beck. I loved its salmon hue and fruity notes together with a nice perlage, structure and length. It’s a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from their properties in Robertson and Stellenbosch. The wine is made using whole cluster pressing. The winemaker Pieter ‘Bubbles’ Ferreira believes firmly in making quality sparkling wines. This traditional method sparkler was perfect with the hors d’oeuvre and would have been perfect with the turkey and sides as well but I had brought home another bottle to share from my summer trip to Oregon.

I visited the Dobbes family tasting room this summer as part of the Society of Wine Educators tour to local wineries.

The Dobbes Family story is very American with Joe, the winemaker, who has created an empire from his desire and persistence. He has different lines that are tailored to various market segments and is one of the largest producers today. He, like many others, believes that wine is made in the vineyard.

The particular wine that I chose for our Thanksgiving meal is from the Eola-Amity Hills Ava. According to the tasting notes from the winemaker, the “2014 vintage in Oregon may be remembered as the vintage of a lifetime.”

I loved both the rich, ruby color of this wine plus the great fruit and forest floor notes I found on the palate. It was full bodied with juicy tannins without being overly alcoholic. I found it had nice acidity, length and complexity. It was a good pairing for the turkey and stuffing and other parts of this wonderful meal.

It was also fun to revisit my memories of the trip to Oregon this summer. What a beautiful state. I loved how excited everyone I met was about their wines and their area.

The Dobbes Family was very welcoming to our group and for that I am thankful.

I’m also very thankful to be able to spend this holiday with family and great food and wine. We finished the meal with an incredible digestif – a Port from Kopke. Kopke is an amazing house that produces Colheitas.

Colheita can also be thought of as a single vintage Tawny Port. They need to be aged for seven years. in oak casks. The ports from this house are bottled when someone wants one with an elaborate system. They haven’t really gotten the play they should yet here in the states but I am sure that is coming soon. What a wine, truly not to be missed. For a much more indepth look at Colheitas and port in general, check out this interesting blog, For the Love of Port.
I was lucky enough to visit Oporto last year. One of the world’s most beautiful cities, I loved it and can’t wait to visit again.


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