Memorable Wines of 2016: Musigny Comte Georges de Vogüé, Cuvee Vieilles Vignes 1985


This past year, my family and I have been opening a number of older bottles that were given to us when my uncle passed away in 2013. The storage conditions as you can see from the label of this wine were not perfect but what was in the bottle was remarkable in terms of its subtle nuances and lasting freshness lo these 31 years in its bottle. The wine is from the Domaine Comte Georges de Vogüé, located in Chambolle -Musigny. It is viewed as one of the pinnacles of great Burgundy wines and I must say, it was a truly memorable wine experience. Made from 100% Pinot Noir, we had it with our Thanksgiving meal, a holiday my Uncle Tony loved.

It was beautiful on the nose and the palate and the color was exceptional. It had great tannins and still hints of fruit albeit complex tertiary notes were more highlighted. It also had power which I didn’t expect and loads of subtle undercurrents of bramble and earthy notes and of course, finesse and elegance that I would expect in a great Burgundy.

This estate can date its history back to 1450. It remained in the same family until 1766. The latest iteration of both the property and the label began in 1925 when Comte Georges de Vogüé took over. The estate owns 7.25 hectares of the Le Musigny vineyard, about 80% of the total. They also have 2.75 hectares of Bonnes-Mares and some 1.8 hectares of Premier Cru Chambolle-Musigny.

The winemaker is François Millet who works with agronomist Eric Bourgogne in the vineyards. The average age of their vines is 40 years old and thus the label Vieilles Vignes.

These amazing wines are brought in by Dreyfus Ashby. Truly an exceptional experience. Merci Tony. I would rather have him here but I do know that he would smile that we were enjoying the wines.

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