Wine of the Week: Tawny Port from Cavas Santa Marta

I was lucky enough to go on a press trip to the Douro Valley a couple of weeks ago> I learned many things about Portugal and the Douro in particular and tasted some great wines. We visited 15 wineries that are part of a group called Soul Wines. We tasted both Ports and Douro wines... Continue Reading →

Philadelphia Wine World: Lugana Is Coming To Town

As we get ready to head to Philadelphia next week with the Lugana Consortium I am struck by what a different market it is than New York. We have done a few events in Philadelphia through the years and am always amazed by how close knit the community seems at times. Not that New York... Continue Reading →

7 Key Tips For Press Trips

  As I send out invitations to numerous people to attend some events in New York City, I am amazed at the array of press trips that people are invited to attend. Every other person I contacted is away in a beautiful country attending a press trip. No complaints from me though, I just got... Continue Reading →

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