Cape Cod Looms Large

Truro Chardonnay

I’ve decided to start my August marathon of blogging by writing about one of the places closest to my heart and soul – Cape Cod. I started going to the Cape when I was three weeks old and have been going more or less ever since. We used to go when I was growing up and six years ago I decided to start the tradition again.

I am so looking forward to all the Cape has to offer in terms of beaches, water, seafood, fishing, fun and peace. Not so looking forward to the sharks that have come to feast on the growing seal population but nothing beats a sunset at Race Point or the dunes on Long Nook so I will just have to get used to sharks too.

As on any road trip, one packs the essentials. Surely my toolbox at the end of the month will include some incredible wines from Italy and I am excited to share them and pair them with the bounty of the Cape. I also love to go to the package store and buy the wines that they have on offer there too. Before I get to the Cape though, I will attend the annual Society of Wine Educators Conference where I will be giving a seminar on wines from Liguria. Come say hello if you are participating. Additionally this month will see me catching up on all I missed while in Italy and looking forward to the fall and all that it will bring. I love taking vacation in July and then at the end of the summer because the city is so much less crowded. Hopefully the weather will be less humid too. If not, I will keep drinking all that great white wine and rose that I have been tried of late. Cheers to August.

Sunset on the Cape

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