Women In Wine: Susanna Crociani From Crociani Winery in Montepulciano

So looking forward to our trip to Italy and visiting Susanna. Vin Santo awaits!

I have been meaning to write about Susanna Crociani since we first met at Vinitaly 2007. In the interest of transparency, I want to point out that I have spent considerable amounts of time with her and we are good friends. In fact, Susanna was just staying with me for the past week during Vino 2010 and we were speaking together on a panel regarding Social Media on Wednesday together with Alder Yarrow of Vinography, Doug Cook, Head of search at Twitter and founder of Able Grape, Steve Raye of Brand Action and Anthony Dias Blue.

Susanna spoke at length about her experiences writing her wine blog which she began in 2006. To view the panel, please click here.

I have been tasting and drinking Susanna’s wines for about three years now and think they are terrific. My favorite is her Vin Santo. We just opened a…

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