Norway In My Thoughts & Prayers & Norwegian Women In Wine

Today is the longest day of the year and I will always remember at June 21 that I spent in Norway, the land of the midnight sun and much else. What a beautiful country. Here’s a post I wrote about it some years ago, on a sad occasion but that June 21 was magical.


Norway is on my mind today. I watch in horror as news of the tragedy that happened in that beautiful country races across our screens of all sizes. It’s hard to fathom how these atrocities continue to happen. I have difficulty processing it all.

I decided to write something about Norway today because Norway oddly enough is a country I feel close to. Oddly I say because I don’t have a stitch of Norwegian in my genetic tapestry.

What I do have though are dear friends from Norway, some I met in Italy and others here in New York City.

In fact, when I first moved to Milan in 1995, I lived with some Norwegians. For seven months I slept on their couch, ate “brown cheese” and gravlax as often as possible. We became fast friends and have been so ever since.

My lovely friend Kristen is from a beautiful…

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Women in Wine: A Chat With April Cullom – Casa Abril, Alma de Vino

I just spent some time with April today and thought I would repost this blog about her and Casa Abril and Alma. Viva la Spagna!


April Cullom

This post is the first one this year of the women in wine series. My interview with April Cullom, a friend and Spanish wine guru, is pretty timely as she is just launching two new wine lines, Alma de Vino and Casa Abril. For family reasons I missed her tasting yesterday at K&D but I am sure she will be holding others in the coming months around New York City and other locals.

We started the chat with the same question I always ask: how did she start out in the wine business?
After experiencing September 11th I decided I wanted to “go back to my Spanish roots” where I had lived for 10+ years to start a new business marketing what I loved about Spain – food, wine and travel. My favorite memories were spending Sunday mornings in the kitchen with my Spanish Mother Charo, learning how to cook…

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