Tuesday Musings: Wine Education At the International Wine Center

Wines at Diploma Dinner

As my last post for today, I would like to write about education as I have been doing of late. I can say, unabashedly, that I love the International Wine Center.I still go every year to the dinner celebrating new graduates who have earned the Diploma (DWS).  I started studying there when I first moved back to the States and it was an incredibly rewarding experience first and foremost. Additionally, most if not all of my friends in the industry I met during WSET classes there. It is a wonderful program and I strongly recommend them to all. I got my Diploma of Wines and Spirits from the WSET there in 2008 and I feel as though the way I think about wine is largely thanks to what I learned from Linda and Mary and the other teachers in the program.  Thank you to all of them but also a suggestion to all of you, investing in this education is very worthwhile no matter your place in the industry.


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