Wines from Arezzo, Still Somewhat Under the Radar

Buon Giorno ArezzoI just found out that a book I worked on, called Buon Giorno Arezzo, where I wrote a chapter about wines from Arezzo is finally out and for sale. Wines from Arezzo are not that well known in the United States nor for that matter is the city of Arezzo. Both are a shame in my view. As I wrote in an earlier post on wines from Arezzo, it is a beautiful city with many wonderful churches and bell towers, a flourishing antiques market on the first Sunday of every month and a strong jewelry business. They also make delicious wines.

Arezzo is only 90 kilometers away from Florence on the highway and you can get there in one hour. The landscape changes a bit and it gives you an idea of the wilder side of Tuscany with many forests. Forests in Tuscany always make me think of Wild Boar or Cinghiale. I was told by a dear friend that eating cinghiale makes you have wild hallucinations. Be that as it may, Tuscan pappardelle al cinghiale is one of my all time favorite dishes.

I, like many foreigners before and after me, feel in love with Italy through my adventures in Tuscany. I lived there for many years before moving up North – to Milan. To this day, whenever I go to Tuscany, I feel like I am coming home. Time is a bit slower and it always brings me back to that first love feeling that is truly unique. I am excited to “lavare i panni nell’Arno” again later this month. This is a phrase from Alessandro Manzoni’s seminal work I Promessi Sposi and really refers to the use of the Italian language. To Tuscans, It also means you need to go home a bit.

I have been thinking about Arezzo the last few weeks for a number of reasons. I just went to see Roberto Benigni’s show in New York, Tutto Dante, which was a true joy. Benigni’s film, La vita e’ bella was filmed in the city. When I lived in Florence, I used to go the Arezzo antique market on the first Sunday of every month to peruse the lovely objects for sale. I couldn’t afford the big old wooden tables, frattini, that I loved but I have a great bottle collection.

Arezzo is a wonderful city that many people unfortunately skip over on their travels. It has a series of wonderful churches and piazzas and one of my all time favorite affresco cycles, the History of the True Cross by the 15th century artist Piero della Francesca, a masterly painter. If none of this interests you, Arezzo is also very…

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