Vino Santo for Christmas


When writing about wines for Christmas, people tend to think of sparklers and then of heavy reds. In general, I find little writing about sweet wines, a category I love. For Christmas, this year as always, the end of the meal will bring a touch of Vin Santo from my friend, Susanna Crociani,

Crociani Vin Santo

I’m a huge fan of her particular Vin Santo which is neither too sweet nor too dry, rather it is just right. It exceeds in the direction that I like in a dessert wine with aromas and flavors of dried fruit and nuts, honey and caramel. For a long post I wrote about Susanna years ago, click here. I miss her and Christmas is always a time when I think of her and Tuscany and drink her delicious Vin Santo.

She also makes a Vin Santo Occhio di Pernice. These wines are made from Sangiovese and are of course, red. For a very interesting discussion about Vin Santo, please check out Wine Folly’s article here. Madeline Puckette is doing a great job on her site, with her books and maps as well.

Buon Natale amici vicini e lontani.

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