Top 10 Culinary Trends in 2016 According To LDE “Next Big Bite Event”

Earlier this year I was accepted as a new member of Les Dames d’Escoffier, in the New York chapter. It is a real honor to be part of such a group of fascinating women in the fine food, beverage and hospitality professions.


As a member I get invited to all sorts of exciting events such as one for Jacques Pepin’s 80th birthday.

Jacques Pepin

Unfortunately I did not attend one of their big events, open to the public called the “Next Big Bite.” LDE luminaries shared their ideas for 2016 and here are some of their conclusions:

1. The end of food elitism as younger chefs open more restaurants in off-the-beaten-path neighborhoods 2. A growing desire for locally sourced food, sustainability of farms, and more organic options
3. The fusion of traditional and exotic cuisine (e.g., Louisiana dishes cooked with West African recipes and
4. Increasing interest in Eastern Mediterranean foods from countries like Israel, Tunisia and Morocco
5. Focus on the root-to-stalk movement that elevates vegetables from side dish to entrée status
6. The shift of meat from center plate to the sidelines, in response to new World Health Organization report
guidelines on the health risks from eating processed and red meat
7. Proliferation of food trucks with multi-cultural cuisine
8. The continuing decline of soda consumption and sales
9. Expanding restaurant business challenges, from all-inclusive tipping policies to new training regimens 10. A more politically-active food community impacting governmental policies and humanitarian causes

To listen to a recording of the event, click here.

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