Wine of the Week: Barrua IGT from Agricola Punica (Sardinia)

This week's wine of the week is from the beautiful island of Sardinia. Sardinia has been on my mind a lot lately as the weather gets nicer and my desire to go on vacation becomes stronger. Sardinia is a magical island for exploring, going to the beach, sailing, and so much more. Its wines and... Continue Reading →

Italian Indigenous Grapes: Ervi Nero from Emilia Romagna

This week's grape variety is from Emilia Romagna, a lovely region with great food and interesting wines. The variety was created in 1970 as a cross between indigenous grape varieties Barbera and Croatina, locally called Bonarda as well. It was created at the Universita' Cattolica di Piacenza by Professor Mario Fregoni, Professor of Viticulture, as... Continue Reading →

Italy’s Ferrari Winery Expands Into the Veneto

Trentino’s Ferrari Winery has just purchased a 50% stake of Bisol, the prosecco superiore producer from the Veneto. According to Ferrari’s Alessandro Lunelli, “What we are trying to do is showcase the variety in Italian sparkling wine. Some people may have seen us as competitors but we see Prosecco DOCG and Trento DOC classico as... Continue Reading →

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