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Wines of Brazil

Lots of sad and gruesome news in New York this week but on a more positive note, I was happily surprised to get more traffic on my blog than usual. This was thanks to a blog post that Alfonso wrote On the Wine Trail In Italy on Sunday. I was lucky enough to have a long lunch with Alfonso last Friday and discuss the wine world and its vagaries. His piece was particularly interesting because I think we all fall into the trap of trying to ignore the four big wines often to our detriment. The other major traffic driver to my blog, in terms of other bloggers, is always Dobianchi, so thank you to those two Texans.


The biggest driver to my blog over the past year however is the word Brazil. Shockingly, I wrote a couple of posts about Brazilian wine and they get the absolute most traffic. I attended that tasting as part of the Snooth PVA blogger weekend. I guess it’s the upcoming World Cup and people aren’t sure what they will be drinking or celebrating with but I do find it interesting. In the past, a post on Italian Kosher wine was a bigger driver but now it’s Brazil all the way.

It will be interesting to see what the drivers of traffic will be in 2014.

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