Wine of the Week: Edelzwicker from Mittnacht-klack (Vin d’Alsace)


This week’s wine of the week is Edelzwicker from the Domaine of Mittnacht-klack in Alsace. This $15 bottle of wine is a perfect blend of grapes that was a very pleasurable aperitif before going to see the Rigoletto a few weeks ago. The wine can be found here.

I had it as an aperitif before a show at the Indie in Lincoln Center but it would pair beautifully with salads, white meat or pasta. It was somewhat full-bodied with stone fruits and lots of minerality as well as good acidity and length. I really enjoyed it and would definitely repeat the experience.

The wine hails from Alsace, specially from the town of Riquewihr where the winery is located. The winery was started in 1973 by the union of two winemaking families, hence the double last name.

The term Edelzwicker refers to a blend of noble white grapes. They do not have to put the percentages of the grapes used on the label and the grapes can be vinified either together or separately.

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