Throwback Thursday: 30 Year Old Del Duque Amontillado

Del Duque

Last month I had the pleasure of attending the Frederick Wildman tasting. The tasting has gotten to be so large that I almost felt frightened when I walk through the door. Luckily, I always have a plan when I am going to a tasting ever since Fred Plotkin suggested that I taste by theme. My theme at this particular tasting was Sherries.

As today is Throwback Thursday, I am writing about a winery that owns brands that do remind me of the past – Tio Pepe. My great Aunt Carla used to drink Sherry and Asti Spumante. She was a lovely lady who liked her drink at the end of the day. I wish I had a digital picture of her but I do not. Gonzalez Byass which owns the Tio Pepe brand was created in 1835 in Jerez, a joint venture between a Spaniard and a Brit which today is 100% controlled by the descendants of the original Gonzalez family.

My favorite of the sherries I tried was Del Duque, perhaps it was the late hour of the day, all of the wines I had tasted previously or post- prandial sensations but the Del Duque was inspirational with its nutty, dried fruit aromas and flavors as well as the tangy, racy sapidity and minerality that I found in this 30-year old wine made from a 300 year old solera. This was just an exquisite Amontillado that was the end to a perfect day. I would love a glass of this wine right now.

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