New World Wines & Spirits: Rum from the Bronx – Tirado Distillery

I finally am getting back to my blog after a hiatus. I decided to start from where it all began, New York. I spent my childhood in a town in New Jersey but come from a long line of New Yorkers and feel very much a part of this city. Everyone in my family was born in New York and most even went to college, graduate and law schools in the State, including my Dad. We all know that Father’s day is a hallmark holiday but nonetheless, I like any occasion to celebrate. This Father’s day I decided that my Dad and I are going night fishing for striped bass in Sheepshead Bay. It should be an adventure.

Me and  dad copy

Like all good sailors, we (Dad and I) need a bottle of rum on the boat. My father was born in the Bronx and therefore I was looking for a local rum. To my surprise, I found one, from Tirado Distillery. I haven’t tried it yet but I look forward to my first sip of this local libation.

I found this rum at a very interesting wine shop on St. Marks Place. The store specializes in very local spirits from the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and the like. I was particularly intrigued by the spirits from the Bronx, not an area that I associate with distillation or spirits in general.

My own wine-making experience produced something that was not only not commercially viable but was also undrinkable that I am always impressed with those who create new categories – rum from the Bronx…kudos to you, wonders never cease.

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