Ribera Del Duero Tasting During SnoothPVA at Salinas


Thanks to Snooth, a group of bloggers and I got to have an incredible lunch paired with wines from Ribera del Duero at an appealing restaurant in New York City called Salinas.


As you can see from this photo, everyone was taking notes and quite serious. My fellow bloggers included the Eric Guido, Ben Carter from Benito’s Wine Reviews, and Jon Thorsen, the Reverse Wine Snob.

You can’t see numerous other people who were at the tasting but you can read their reviews here: The V.I.P. Table: Ribera del Duero – Thriving through Adversity, Benito’s Wine Reviews: Snooth PVA – Ribera del Duero, Brunello Bob: Ribera del Duero Lunch -Salinas NYC,
Wine Julia: #SnoothPVA – Experiencing Spain in New York City with Ribera del Duero Wines at Salinas, Vindulge: Wine and food are a great match for Ribera del Duero and Vinespot.

I went back and forth with both Jon, Ben and Dezel of My Vinespot about which wines we preferred and why. I think we all agreed however that the quality level was exceptionally high, the price point generally appealing and the food fantastic.

Short Ribs

I was impressed with the minerality that showed through on all of these wines both on the higher and lower end. Some of the wines had more pronounced oak while others an earthier tinge.

My personal favorites were much in line with those that Jon has very eloquently and extensively outlined on his blog, the Legaris 2005, the Bodegas Barco de Piedra 2011 and the Seleccion de Torres,S.L. Celeste, 2009 .

These were some of the more moderately priced wines and were perfect for food pairings. The Tempranillo aromas and flavors of cherry and earth came through like a charm on each one, making me think I might even recognize them in a blind tasting, always difficult.

The more expensive offerings were also very interesting, my favorite being the Condado de Haza, S.L. Alenza 2001 at $100. Many people I know and respect swear by the wines of Ribera and I was glad to have this opportunity to taste through a number of them so thank you Snooth PVA, thank you Ribera del Duero and thank you Wines of Spain. What I also really enjoyed was tasting with this group of very serious bloggers. Listening to how Jon, Ben and Dezel plan out their posts, tweets and articles while maintaining full time positions in other fields, as well as families and such was pretty impressive. I imagine I will be drinking more Ribera as the nice weather rolls around. It seemed to me that the wines from Ribera del Duero are perfect red wines for a Summer barbecue.


  1. It was great to get to know you over the course of such a wonderful meal and wine pairing. Hope to meet again in the future!

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