Wine Wednesday: Anima Negra Brings Allegria To My Day


Happy Wine Wednesday. Earlier this week I was reminded of why it’s nice to have your local hangout where people know your name and what you like to drink. My local hangout is a Spanish tapas bar called Buceo 95. I go there often, on different occasions and with various people. Some wine people and some non-wine people. Everyone usually finds something they like on the list, thanks to their very helpful staff and John, their sommelier. On Monday, I was very undecided until I looked up and saw the label above.

I love this wine. It’s both profound and easy to get into, like spending time with someone you really enjoy being with and talking to rather than feeling overwhelmed by words. What does it taste like you might ask? Earthy, chewy, with pepper and spice, silky. I found it on wine-searcher priced between $18-$30.

It comes from the island of Mallorca, off the coast of Spain. It is made from a blend of indigenous and international varieties: 65% Callet, 20% Manto Negre and Fogoneu and 15% Syrah. Mallorca is one of the Balearic Islands. The grapes are bush trained on this windy island, as one might expect. Grape growing has been part of the culture here since the 14th century when Phylloxera destroyed the vineyards in France and many looked to plant vineyards in Spain. Mallorca was an early advocate of the cooperative movement as well and created one in the early 19th century to sell their grapes.

I have never visited these islands but look forward to doing so one day, in the meantime, I will keep my Anima Negra nearby.

In other news, I haven’t written a post of late about women in wine but I have a few that will be upcoming. In the meantime, here are some sites I like and think you will too.

Wine Harlots written by Nannette Eaton is a fabulous combination of things that speak to me. Notes about wines, quotes that matter, comparisons to music, general musings, plugs for good causes and I discovered at the Snooth PVA weekend, we share a love of swag. I am not sure if anyone knows that about me but I will say it loud and clear, I love swag, random objects in goodie bags as the end of an event or objects on a table at a wine tasting that catch my eye.

I’m also a fan of wine sayings and think that Lynne’s business at Glasshalfull is a fun, lighthearted way to express our love of the grape.

People often ask me what Avvinare means. Here’s a guest blog post I did on this theme for the Society of Wine Educators on their blog, Wine Wit and Wisdom.

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