NYC: Massive Problems But Huge Volunteer Effort Underway

I know this a wine blog but it’s impossible not to be touched and write about what is going on in our communities. Many people in wine community are affected both personally and professionally – loss of power, water, property, business. Thankfully, I haven’t heard of anyone who has been impacted in the most devastating way of all. What has brought me immense joy is to see how much the larger community is doing and thanks to some wine friends, Lana Bortolot in particular, I have been able to find many volunteer opportunities as well. Thanks Lana.

I’ve brought meals to the elderly in the dark in Murray Hill, supplies to the devastated in the New Dorp area in Staten Island and today will be in the park doing some clean up work. There are thousands right now helping out in all communities whether it is the NYC Marathon of Relief group or Occupy Sandy or any of the religious affiliated groups that are lending a hand. We can all something, donate money, supplies or a friendly hand.

Wine has of course been a part of my personal relief effort, sharing wines with friends. Yesterday after our trip to Staten Island to see a friend who had lost literally everything, we were all pretty shaken and somber. We shared a bottle of Cannonau from Sardinia, another island which has seen it’s share of troubles throughout history. Resilience is a part of their regional character as it is in those on Staten Island. In addition to the wine, seeing so many friends and strangers helping each other was really uplifting and a reminder of how much we need to cherish those around us.

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