Thoughts & Prayers For My Home Towns

I haven’t written on this blog in many days. Sandy has come and gone but left in her wake such destruction and despair that I can’t but think of those who have lost their lives and homes. I grew up in New Jersey and my parents are among the millions who have lost power because of the storm. That said, we are lucky we haven’t lost much. My neighborhood in New York, the Upper West Side is fine. I have power, the ability to get around and stores are open. I’m lucky and I know it. As I watch Charlie Rose and images of Sandy’s destruction, I am speechless. I just wanted to say I hope that all those who have lost much will be comforted to know they are in our thoughts & our prayers. At the end of the day despite my Italian “patina” I’m a Jersey girl at heart and it’s a striking moment in our lives.

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